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$5000 for Tim’s artwork. All going to the Lung Foundation Australia.  Such an exciting auction.

Our beautiful much loved friend Marianne, passed away last year from lung cancer. Never had a cigarette in her life. Lung cancer has a stigma around it that it is a smokers only disease. There is often blaming and guilt and misinformation that it is a result of smoking. Almost as if it deserved. Lung cancer is as indiscriminate and cruel as all the rotten, horrible, stinking cancers we hate.
Marianne was always there for Tim, smiling,happy, dancing, loving as in this photo, when she went overseas she wore a Laser Beak Man tshirt at all the big sights and sent us a photo.
We met her through our dear and loved friend of 20 years Margie. They are one of those families that take you in and wrap you up. You love one of them, you love all of them and they love you.
It was Mariannes passionate hope and wish that her diagnosis and passing could in some way help the lung foundation to support others in her situation. Through the leadership of Margie, Mariannes four beautiful daughters and all the family, this Friday they are making Marianne’s wish come true with their exciting and stunning event in Brisbane at Cloudland, through pure love and the desire to fulfill Marianne’s wish.
TIm has created this artwork for the I wish event  It is called Love is in the Air. It is magnificent.
Thank you Marianne for the precious friendship and thank you for the lesson of love you have taught us all, that even in the worst of times and as you face the most horrible ending of leaving those you love, way to soon, life is always so much better when you think of others.
For the opportunity to support this fundraiser or acquire TIm’s artwork please contact Margie at JAM Promotions & Events
And in the meantime, cherish every breath you take, that love is in the air and that every single second of every day is a gift to be lived and loved with the ones you love. We can all make a difference.