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We had the great pleasure of doing an online interview with our friends from Irabina Autism Services in Melbourne from our home in Brisbane. It is available now for your viewing pleasure. Tim has some words of wisdom on the current situation and announces his next project…. master chef move on over. We have the greatest respect and admiration for the work Irabina do, we have seen the amazing results of an eating programme they conduct and their first class and world recognized extrememe behaviour programme has supported and helped families in situations that few could ever understand. They have given enormous security and skills to so many people living with autism. It is with Irabina that we have spoken on three occasions with Professor Temple Grandin and anyone who has attended those events will recall the uplifting, inspiring buzz that fills the room from sharing lives well lived by Professor and Tim. They are some of the best events ever. We thank Irabina for their never ending support for Tim. Hope this video brightens your day even just a little bit. April is autism awareness month every day is autism acceptance and inclusion day. Thank you Deb Goldfinch CEO of Irabina you are a friend an ally and a leader. Tim you are a true rock star.

Laser Beak Man, Tim and Judy Sharp Join Irabina for World Autism Month

💬 We caught up live with LASER BEAK MAN by TIM SHARP and Judy Sharp for World Autism Month! 🦸 This month we're celebrating with all things Superheroes, so Tim and Judy spoke to us about how you can be a superhero during these scary and challenging times.🌮 Plus Tim and Judy have offered to host Taco Tuesday next week! Have fun cooking along with Tim and making delicious Tacos for lunch. More details to come!👕 If you were interested in getting one of Tim's "Keep Calm and Carry on" t-shirts, you'll find them here:

Posted by Irabina Autism Services on Thursday, 16 April 2020