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Look who’s wearing his Laser Beak Man I’m over it socks made by

Bamboozld by Pussyfoot Socks

Australia’s most luxurious sock. It’s

Todd Mckenne!! You too can look as hot as Todd. Get your socks on from @bamboozldofficial or Thanks Todd. You are a beautiful heart with your support for inclusion, diversity, art and or course Tim.. So is the pup x
Nancye and I are #overit2020 and taking a moment to unwind before I pack for #Adelaide in my new @laserbeakman for @bamboozldofficial socks which are so soft and comfy ⚡️⚡️ Find more @bamboozldofficial gear on @toddcreates and check out @laserbeakman – what an artist!! #shoplocal #diversity #inclusion