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I have a high school education. Never ever in my wildest dreams could I imagine that one day Tim and I would be giving a one hour talk to the professors and staff of the illustrious and world famousĀ  La Trobe University in Melbourne. But we did today. And it was also our very first keynote talk from home. A virtual talk. Scary new world. We knew we were talking to a group that wants to make the world a better place, just like Tim does. As we told them all today. Every opportunity for Tim is an opportunity for a child with autism who comes after Tim . Every opportunity for Tim gives hope to others. Every opportunity for Tim is an opportunity to change the world make it more equal, inclusive, kinder and a better world. We acknowledge that responsibility and give it everything we’ve got to share a message of equality. Thank you LaTrobe team and Sharm from Ovations International


Changing the world one keynote talk at a time. All you need is love.